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Friday, June 17, 2011


Seems that computer problems, mine and others,
have prevented us from posting information
in a timely fashion. Again, we ask your indulgence
and patience. Thank you!

 Chad Moseley, our fearless leader, 
presents Derrell Geurind.

Act! for America with both Robert Norvell 

along with Darrell Geurind,  presented a program on
Shariah Law at our last  meeting. To get information from 
their Jonesboro Chapter, Robert Norvell, Chapter Leader, 
please contact:

Act Jonesboro
actjonesboro at gmail dot com

To contact Darrell Geurind, please do so at
geurind at hotmail dot com and ask to be placed 
on his mailing list.

Visit the Act! for America website at:

Here is their latest message for
their next meeting:

Jonesboro, AR chapter monthly meeting
   When: Tuesday, June 21@ 6:45 p.m.
   Where: Barnhill’s Buffet
     1111 S Caraway Rd (Caraway Plaza)
    Jonesboro, AR

Our meeting will be at Barnhill's Buffet in the Caraway Plaza Shopping
Center. Please ask for their private dining room. The cost of the
Buffet is $8.99 or $7.99 if you are at least 60 years old. Everything
is included in the one price.
Special guest Dr. Bill Warner will be the featured speaker. Dr. Warner’s 
unique and compelling presentation will leave you with a much clearer 
understanding of radical Islam and how it can and will be defeated.

He will speak on defeating Political Islam.  Islam has a 1,400
year-old winning streak, but according to Dr. Warner it can be 
easily beaten. He points out that winning starts with the question, 
“Who is the enemy?” and “What is the true nature of Islam?”

Dr. Warner has been a university professor, businessman, and a physics
researcher. He is currently director of the Center for the Study of
Political Islam and is a national and international speaker about
Islamic political doctrine. Dr. Warner has produced a dozen books,
including a Koran, a biography of Mohammed, and a summary of the
political traditions of Mohammed.

Political Islam is easy to understand and a victory begins with knowledge.
Come and hear a strategy that will win this civilizational war.

Yours in the service of liberty,

Robert Norvell
Chapter Leader
ACT! for America

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