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Friday, February 12, 2010

February 11, 2010 Meeting - Secure Arkansas

Pre-meeting conversation, Loretta 'n Larry Corbett

Lloyd Clark, Mike Brown & Jeannie Burlsworth, Chairman of Secure Arkansas and one of the speakers of the evening.

Getting acquainted with Chairman Jeannie Burlsworth and Secure Arkansas, which is a Grass Roots Organization. Visit Secure Arkansas.

Secure Arkansas has a petition that is now seeking signatures to prevent illegal aliens over the age of 14 from receiving State and Federal funds through programs offered Citizens of the United States and of Arkansas in general.

See any member of our local GOP committee to sign the petition, or go to the link above to find out how to sign.

Were you aware that Arkansas is a Sanctuary State? This was made possible by Mike Huckabee??

Learning about issues facing we citizens of
Arkansas - such as Arkansas Sovereignty.

Learning about ICLEI and
their insidious practices.

Learning about political networking from Todd Sharp.
See both Todd and Jeannie on Facebook and/or Twitter.

More dangers about ICLEI.
Go here. And here.

Question and answer time.

More questions and answers.

Larry Corbett and Lloyd Clark. Lloyd is currently planning on a second session on the Constitution. More about in the weeks ahead.

Our Fearless Leader, Jonathan (Chad) Moseley, announced this evening that he intends to make a second run for the State House Representative Seat 73rd District being vacated by J.R. Rogers. All of us need to do whatever we are able to help bring about Chad's election. If you are unable to donate money, perhaps you could donate your time to help get the word out and post signs. See Chad to learn how you can help.

All photographs above are the property of Iona Brown-Cline and may not be used without prior permission.

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